Welcome to the documentation about the multimelt package!

Multimelt contains a large amount of existing basal melt parameterisations for Antarctic ice shelves. The functions are written as such that the main input needed are temperature and salinity profiles in front of the ice shelf, the rest happens in the functions.

Also, multimelt contains functions to create masks of the Antarctic continent and the different ice shelves, and other geographical parameters on a circum-Antarctic scale, for input on a stereographic grid.


How to cite multimelt

The detailed description of the application of the functions in multimelt is found in Burgard et al., 2022 and should therefore, when used, be cited as follows:

Burgard, C., Jourdain, N. C., Reese, R., Jenkins, A., and Mathiot, P.: An assessment of basal melt parameterisations for Antarctic ice shelves, The Cryosphere Discuss. [preprint], https://doi.org/10.5194/tc-2022-32, in review, 2022.

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